I love croissants, so much so I paid to join a baking class to learn how to make them at The Dough And Batter. Unfortunately that was when I realized that it is no small feat to make them from scratch ... but it gives you a new sense of appreciate for these flaky, crispy, buttery delights.
Recently, there has been a hype for Molten Salted Egg York Croissants at a cafe in SS2, so popular that people were getting angry if they couldn't get a croissant! Wow! I decided to join the queue one morning to see what the hype was all about, only succeeding the third time. It's doable if you live near the place, which I do on weekends. To my surprise, on my third try, a trio from Singapore had waken up at 3am in the morning to drive down to KL just for this. Now that's some serious dedication!
I realized that I have actually been to this cafe before a year back to check out their bread offerings, and it was relatively empty a year back. These days, it is packed to the brim ...
Finally, my croissants! Were they good? Well, lets put it this way - What doesn't go well with salted egg york? It's like dipping chocolate into a bowl of molten chocolate, or eating candy with caramel sauce ...
They weren't piping hot, but the salted egg york was creamy and molten. Egg york started oozing out from the other end of the croissant after my first bite. What a mess! I had spent 40 minutes in total just queueing, paying and waiting for my turn. Is it worth the money? Yes (RM 6.90). The calories? Yes. The time? Probably not ... :) But it's definitely worth trying once.
To be honest, the underdogs - strawberry cheese croissants were my favourite.
Kids are so spoiled for choices these days when it comes to ice-cream and special treats, so much so it's no longer special when they're given a treat. Enter Magnum cafe in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. An upmarket ice-cream cafe with so many frills that thrills one's tummy.

The Trifle was the day's undertaking. I had two free vouchers to savour this delight and was going to pass it up because it looked so sinful. Thankfully I had my mom and sister with me to share the burden of consuming this monstrosity. Behold! Not one, but two Magnum Trifles!

"Cashew Meringue, Mascarpone Cream, Honey Balsamic Cream, White Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Magnum, Freeze Dried Raspberries and Strawberries."

Whoever conceptualized the menu must have had a lots of fun doing it. Heaping spoonfuls of sweet nothings onto an already caloric dessert by itself. Flipping through the menu (and ignoring the price), you can begin to understand why Hansel & Gratel from the Brothers Grimm fell for the witch's evil trickery to lure them into her lair.

If you compare this with the picture in the menu, it is pretty much WYSIWYG, except for the smaller strawberries which no one really gives a damn about :P We loved everything about it and were scrapping hopelessly at the corners of the jar to get the last lickylicky noms out (the the point of contemplating dipping our fingers in to help the kitchen crew clean the jars).

It was indeed a remarkable pleasure, and definitely for sharing.

Hershey chocolate kisses shaped lamps in the Magnum cafe.

Magnum, GE-3, IOI City Mall.