I had a burger today. I believe I was social media'ed into having one. After seeing promotional posts of myBurgerLab's new branch opening in OUG, and countless beautiful, juicy, sauce dripping burger pictures in my newsfeed (thanks to burger loving FB friends), I ended up joining an insanely long queue (60 minutes) in the humid weather in my 3.5" heels to get my burger fix at a discounted price.

Fairly easy to locate the shop. Just look for the queue ...

A number was given out on myBurgerLab's Stress Testing day since only 250 burgers will be served, and a menu of what's available.

The queue behind me

Love the creative menu display in periodic table form!

MyBurgerLab will try to accommodate any custom burger requests - for me, anything to do with beef has to be medium-rare.

Basic decor and no frills with the table and chairs, making the open assembly lab its main feature.

It was refreshing to watch the lab techs in action. As you can see, they're a bunch of happy, fun loving college kids rather than sour faced migrant workers who just want to close shop and call it a day.

Hard at work. Or hardly working? :D

There is an LCD counter so that you know when your burger is ready for collection at the assembly line. Gives order to what would be a chaotic environment full of hungry people.

They were out of Portabella fries (RM 15), so I settled for fries (RM 4 for small). I was pleasantly surprised by the rosemary seasoned french fries. Tasted great!

My A+ Burger - RM 7.50 (Normal price RM 15).

The legendary charcoal bun lived up to its reputation. Fragrant & fresh! Not too firm and not too soft. I requested my patty to be medium-rare and thoroughly enjoyed the good juicy meaty nom.

The single patty could have been wider to match the bun's diameter, so a patty add-on is compulsory the next time. Unfortunately that would push the price over RM 20 which is what I wouldn't pay for a burger especially if I have to wait more than 60 minutes for it.

It's relatively easy to compare the A+ to other burgers because it is made of the traditional beef patty and melted cheddar cheese. Although not a big fan of burgers, I have to say - the patty was fantastic. Overall, this burger tasted superior to the other traditional burgers I've had before.

Blushing red patty because I requested mine medium rare. The long queue makes me suspicious that myBurgerLab's patty is laced with crack.

The Good : Great place for burger cravings and exellent beef patties with customizable requests.

The Bad : The lab needs to find a solution for the long queue because burgers are supposed to be a fast, convenient, and hassle free nom.

This queue would put anyone off and honestly, getting the ingredients from a grocery store would be faster to cook and assemble in your own kitchen than the time I had to wait for this burger. So unless you know the owner, or can bribe someone in front of the queue to put in your order, or have plenty of time to spare ... then you'd feel what I felt.

Slightly over an hour for this burger was just too fracking long.

It's true that some people get really cranky when they're hungry. I am one of them.

myBurgerLab - Facebook, Website

This week, the International Medical University of Malaysia is organizing a fund raising event for Charity, the IMU Chariofare. This makes it my debut run for a Charity 5km event, and am totally psyched for it!

Sadly, I woke up slightly after the race had ended!

I call it a good night's rest.

Moving on, I jump started my kitchen gas stove again after a long hiatus. What do you do when you have extra peanut sauce? Why, you make some gado-gado hybrid meal of course :)

A cook makes do with whatever ingredients available for a decent meal preparation. Haji Samuri Satay, which had been sitting in the freezer for the past few weeks, finally got nommed!

Easy ingredients, but time consuming because I wanted variety :

1) Peanut Sauce
2) Satay
3) Hard boiled Eggs
4) Carrots, steamed
5) Long Beans, blanched
6) Onions, raw
7) Taugeh, blanched
8) Cucumbers, raw
9) Cauliflower, blanched
10) Tomatoes, raw
11) Store bought sambal pandan rice
12) Tempeh, fried!


This low fat, high calcium and high protein nutty soybean product is white when uncooked. I totally did not know that, and got laughed out of the store I bought it from. :)

Deep fried for that healthy tanned, burnt look

Apparently, tempeh does not keep. So don't be ignorant and lazy ... cook it immediately after you get it. Price (RM 1.00 - RM 1.50) for 100 - 150 grams.

Mouldy Tempeh from Jaya Grocer (RM 1.50), left in the fridge for exactly 6 days.

Real Good Gado-Gado

... must be prepared, blanched, cooked, and assembled on the spot from fresh ingredients.

I made the mistake of having gado-gado at Bumbu Desa, Alamanda Putrajaya and was disappointed by the mash up of stale ingredients. (RM 10.00)

The potatoes had actually gone bad

Tapioca crackers - crunchy and tasty, but could not salvage the failed gado-gado

So my cravings for a decent gado-gado still remains ... spoiled by my visit to Medan Lake Toba, where Romlan Guesthouse cooks made the best gado gado I ever had!

Romlan Guesthouse, Tuk Tuk, Lake Toba

Beautiful sunrise view from Romlan Guesthohuse

I've recently been feeling like this :

In the above snipplet, Lydia screams into a pillow while in a conference call after a stressful encounter with the DEA.

I <3 TV.

In other news, Nestle's Green Tea Kit Kat is now available in Malaysia!

This is not a sponsored post. I just really really love this bite sized snack. It is :
  • Creamy and milky leaving residual traces on your finger for the final few licks
  • Crunchy thin wafer that does not resist being nom'ed
  • Green!
  • Sweet to achieve that mild sugar rush
  • 67 calories only
  • Perfect for a 30 seconds break!

Green and shiny packaging

The green in green tea


Where To Buy : Shojikoya, Mid Valley The Gardens (the one beside Hokkaido Ichiba). Coldstorage in The Gardens also has it for a few cents cheaper (RM 22.60). Village Grocer wins with this priced at RM 17.90!

Miraku is a lesser known Japanese Restaurant that has been opened for a year in Paradigm Mall, Kalana Jaya. The waiter told me that they've never really promoted their restaurant before and that business had been really slow. Well, Paradigm mall wasn't that easy for me to get to (having to pass through 2 tolls). So the lack of business from me is understandable!

This nomout at Miraku Japanese Restaurant was to take advantage of the RM 28 for RM 50 voucher deal as seen on Groupon. I learnt that deal sites gets 50% commission of whatever is sold through Groupon. In which case, restaurants should just slash their prices and pass on the discount to customers directly. It makes more sense that way, doesn't it? Perhaps one needs to leverage Groupon or LivingSocial or whatever for the marketing platform it provides. But really, for customers, we just see it as cheaper noms compared to having to pay the full price. Like, who wouldn't want that?

For this case, RM 28 for RM 50 means the restaurant is really only getting RM 14 for each deal bought on Groupon. Which got me thinking, if there was a free platform popular enough among netizens for restaurants to slash prices and offer deals directly to customers, would it actaully take off?

Anyway, Miraku is pretty decent in my opinion. Though without the deal discount, it would be on the pricier spectrum of Japanese noms.

Free appetizer consisting of salted radish, carrots, and stewed chicken.

Sake sashimi (RM 26 - RM 15 with deal).

Six gorgeous thick slices of salmon that have travelled from the oceans of Chile.

Yes! By far the most generous serving of salmon I've had - 3 inches in length! I have long fingers, and really appreciate the extra protein and Omega-3 fatty oils

Saikoro Steak - Grilled Beef in Cube Cut Style (RM 24 - RM 14 with deal).

Local beef, grilled to perfection in japanese soy sauce. I use this overused cliche - 'grilled to perfection' because I couldn't think of any other way of describing it. Juicy, tender and so savoury with the sticky garlic flakes with each cube-sized bite. Waiter, can I please have more? The portion was barely enough for me.

Yaki Yaki - Grilled Oysters with Mayonaise (RM 26 - RM 15 with deal).

What a sight to behold! 2 large oysters burried in golden yellow mayo. I could smell the oysters when they were grilling it which heightened my anticipation for this dish.

Not a fan of the mayo (too salty), but loved the oysters!

And the dessert that got me here :) Wasabi ice-cream (RM 10 - RM 5.6 with deal).

It was torture, and pleasure, and then torture, and pleasure ... you get the drift. Very interesting and unconventional mix of vanilla, cream, wasabi and green peas. A quarter of this serving was more than enough for a good round of brain buzzing!

I <3 a nice cuppa green tea.

What can I say, with this deal, it was trully worth it.

A quick visit to Aunty Nat at Midvalley, and the reason why throats are going to burn tomorrow.

Fish Mango Kerabu (RM 6).

The mango slices were chunky and thick. Fruity salads are always refreshing in salads because green leafy vegetables are dry & usually tasteless with a dull crunch. Fruits on the other hand, are natural sweeteners that add on flavour and texture to salads. Dressing for this kerabu is a sweet and sour plum sauce that went very well with the [fried] fish fillets. It's hard to pull off fried stuff with salads because the fried stuff becomes soggy quickly but this fish mango kerabu salad was pretty okay!

Petai with Belacan Prawns (RM 18).

Gosh ... I haven't had this much [fried] belacan (shrimp paste) in ages! The table beside me had ordered the petai belacan sotong and I knew from the vibrant green colours of their petai (and the fragrant belacan scent) that I had to have it too. Kiasuness meant I had a delicious dish of [fried] prawns, belacan and petai!

Fried Popiah (RM 6).

They were out of 'Top Hat' so I had no choice but to go with this rather bland and soggy plate of [fried] popiah. I'd give this a miss the next time.

Fried tofu salad (RM 6).

I have reached the limit of [fried] food stuff ... The other table had a dish of very attractive, light maroon coloured, blushing spicy red, half a dozen deep fried mid sized chicken drummets, which I ended up coveting but did not order. Maybe next time!

Ginger Lemon tea to sooth inflamed throats

Aunty Nat in Midvalley is located on the first floor, opposite CIMB bank, between Midvalley and The Gardens.

I have been feeling so stressed lately it's quite unnerving. What's there to be stressed about you say? How about work, deadlines, appraisals, and ... letting go of people and things you know deep down inside that you have to.

"In this world, there is a kind of painful progress. Longing for what we've left behind, and dreaming ahead." ― Tony Kushner

How about de-stressing with a glass of blueberries, pears and jambu merah?
Ok, that helped a little. How about treating your parents to some Japanese food! How often we take for granted those who love us unconditionally? After recommendations from a friend, I decided to give Ishin Japanese Dining at Old Klang Road a go myself.

The review below consists of multiple visits, and what I hope is a fair judgement of what Ishin has to offer.

Deep fried prawn appetizers - this was good. I love prawns and the yellow creamy mayo masked the oily taste you usually get with deep fried noms. I nommed everything including the eyeballs because they were good. Served on a Sunday.

Deep fried salted fish appetizers - Salty, boney, but crunchy. I wasn't a fan of this because salted fish needs a bland pairing like porridge or taugeh. This was served with a piece of lettuce on a Saturday. How odd!

Tako Shiokara (RM 11) - octopus entrails! A worthwhile appetizer, a burst of sharply sourish flavours coming from the fermented sauces with octopus (that alien under the sea) entrails that wets your tastebuds for more japanese seafood goodness.

Thick cuts of raw salmon sashimi (RM 28). Lets just say if I were a grizzly bear, I would tear Ishin apart for more. You can tell that these are hardworking, upstream swimming, quality salmons! Although Rakuzen offers better money for value with their Salmon Sashimi set, I had no regrets with this.

Seafood Salad (RM 20). This dish is fast becoming my favourite. It comes with a cooked prawn, tuna, butter fish, tako, and salmon sashimi (though not as thick a cut as the standalone sake sashimi dish).

There was 1 time the cooked prawn pinked my raw salmon, but all is forgiven because the combination of raw, cooked seafood with soy sesame house dressing and leafy greens made it awesome.

Three taste chawanmushi (RM 14) - first one with Uni or Sea Urchin. Delicious, fantastic uni that was incredibly rich to taste, with that melt-in-your-mouth feeling. Paired perfectly with the tender, light, fluffy steamed egg chawan mushi that oozed uni juices with every nom.

The 2 other flavours, fish roe and something else I couldn't identify. Beautifully served in 3 egg shells in a traditional bamboo cup holder.

Sashimi Moriawase - Consisting of red tuna, white tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and butterfish (RM 62). I have to admit that tuna is something I prefer cooked because it is sweeter and juicier after it has been cooked. So, salmon sashimi is still my favourite at Ishin.

The butterfish tasted weird. It even looks weird in this photo. It did not introduce itself like butterfish normally would by screaming into your mouth saying, "I'm buttery, and bursting with a subtle sweetness that makes all the fat that is contained within me worthwhile, so please don't spare me!". Maybe it wasn't butterfish. It was rather dry.

Hokkaido Uni Sashimi (RM 42). Maybe too much for 3 persons, with a very strong taste of the sea (briny). Compared to the Uni on the 3 taste mini chawan mushi, this was different and not as pleasant because it had such a strong conquering flavour. Perhaps it tastes best when paired with something else, like chawan mushi :)

Fancy some regular chawan mushi at Ishin? It's good with many baby mushrooms hidden within it and a nice chunk of chicken at the very bottom.

Jikasei Tofu - Served warm. Thick and custardy in texture, with bonito flakes dancing at the top. You have to be a really big fan of tofu to enjoy this homemade tofu delicacy though. It reminded me of a very thick and dense version of tofu fah.

Hotate Cheese Yaki (RM 45) - Baked cheese with scallops - creamy and dripping with sauces upon the first bite. OMG mozerella cheesy melting madness that reminds you of pizzas and all western savoury cheese baked noms.

Peekaboo! The good ole sweet & juicy scallop hidden within all that cheesy mess.

Daddy's teppan lamb course. That's right, lamb is an option at Ishin Japanese Dining and is quite decent despite my prejudices about having lamb at a Japanese dining place.

I've seen chef Q watching over his minions under keen eagle eyes as they prepare patron's orders. Packed on weekends so be sure to call ahead first if you're bringing family.

Visit : http://ishin.my/


Visited between June and July of 2013.