You can rarely go wrong with chicken, but not all chicken rice sellers get the chicken rice and accompanying condiments just right. Tim Kee's chicken rice is one of the better ones. You can smell the aroma of chicken broth in the rice, infused with garlic and other spices, making it fluffy and yellow in colour. Some chicken rice makes you really thirsty and sleepy after you've eaten them, but not this one.

Since everything is chicken and more chicken in chicken rice, I always add Roast Pork (Siew yok) because the crispy skin gives your taste buds something different amidst all that chicken. My only pet peeve is that their roast pork can sometimes be on the saltier side.

Price wise, compared to other Chicken Rice shops, Tim Kee's roast pork costs 1 ringgit more. I can't imagine having chicken rice without their roast pork though. This shop also sells free-range chicken and economy mixed rice, which I have not tried. For a fast and hassle free breakfast or lunch, go with Chicken Rice + Roast Pork.

Total Cost: RM 6.50.

Shop Name: Nasi Kedai Ayam Tim Kee Lama
Bigger branches available in Sri Petaling and Cheras.

My Chicken Rice + Roast Pork, takeaway (Da Bao).
Siew Yok - check out the layers - so lovely!
This uncle always asks me for my order in Cantonese, to which I have to respond in my broken Cantonese.


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