“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” ― Allen Saunders

This fine morning brought us to Restoran R Cheng Fei Chou Yu Wantan Mee (it is a mouth full), with no regrets of skipping breakfast at Publika, KL in favour of cheaper and more authentic local nomnoms en route to Fraser's Hill. I found this place thanks to j2fkm via google ("Rawang Food" or "Rawang Eat").

My plan was to arrive at this wantan mee place for lunch, but we arrived early at 10:00am even after making a few wrong turns. I was fretting that they wouldn't be opened yet but as luck would have it, their business hours are from 8:15am - 8:00pm, and 8:15am - 6:15pm on Mondays! The aunty welcomed us in and we had the entire place to ourselves for a short while.

Crabs, fish or politics? No brainer lah!
Tucked deep in a housing estate in Rawang (Jalan LKS 5), with many signages leading to this place.
Fish wantan noodles shop opening hours ... it's not just software engineers that work long & arduous hours.
"So what should we do with the garden and extra parking space around our house?"
The menu with pictures, but kinda tiny pictures
Clockwise from top to bottom :
Jing Zhen - Golden Special Garlic Sauce or somehting
Jiang Zheng - Steamed with Ginger
"You Hua" - Oily and smooth
"Jia Li" - Curry
"Gan Jian" - deep fried.
"Want to eat good fish then come to 'Ya Ching'. Each person 1 fish, RM 13.80, eat until air float water rise, whole life prosper-prosper."
Big Prosperity!
Since they specialize in tilapia fish with wantan noodles, that's what we had, and we did not stop at one.
Curry Fish Wantan Noodles
Fish is fresh, cripsy and crunchy. Curry is pungent and not spicy. Sambal accompanying the wantan noodles giving it extra flavour. My sister loved this curry fish wantan and hogged it. A+ for gravity defying deep fried fish tail curling upwards into the sky!
Steamed Garlic Fish Wantan Noodles
Delicious, fresh tilapia fish with mildly spicy and garlicky sauce. Very nice and pleasant aroma from this combination. The Wantan noodles also tasted really good in this sauce.
A very massive and satisfying meal in two extra large metal bowl plates.
Happy face. :)
Herbal drinks
The bill
Must ask about the Tom Yum next time

Restoran R Cheng Fei Zhou Yu Wantan Mee
No: E-13, Jalan LKS 5, Kampung Lee Kim Sai, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

Visited on April 27, 2013.


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