We stumbled across Restoran Periuk Belanga in Kelana Jaya while looking for another restaurant, and to our surprise it was a real find! The first sign of a good restaurant is that it is always packed during lunch and dinner time. The food was expectedly spicy, but in a good way. Besides, drinks are cheap enough to be ordered twice or even thrice.
Kasturi Assam Boi for RM 1.80 - green, sweet and sour to taste.

The menu was organized into standard categories : Set meals, ala carte chicken, fish, beef, squid and vegetables in various styles. On the first try we decided to go ala carte. Portions were small, in accordance with the price, but was surprisingly tasty and delicious.
Ayam goreng kunyit - Fried Chicken bits with ginger - pop corn sized chicken with the aromatic fragrance of fried ginger - RM 7
Stir fried kailan with salted fish - RM 6
Our top 2 favourites at Periuk Belanga - Sambal Squid. The sambal was exquisite, even more so were the squids.
So good that we order it whenever we eat here. (RM 8)

Last but not least, presenting Periuk Belanga's Ayam Penyet, RM 8 per set with rice, RM 7 without :
The chicken was fantastic. Penyet to the core - tender and infused with crushed spices.
This ayam penyet is our favourite at Periuk Belanga we could have a dozen of it!
Assam ayam - not for the faint hearted.
Restoran Periuk Belanga is located in Jalan SS6/20a, Petaling Jaya, near Nasi Lemak Cikgu. A good and cheap spicy eat that is delicious and does not put a hole in the wallet.


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