Tokyo Secret. The grammatically erroneous shop name that has wonderful freshly baked cheese tarts, with a delightfully fragile crust, filled with cheesy goodness.

I was very much looking forward to having their signature Cheese Tart when I had learned that a branch had opened up in Mid Valley! Too bad it wasn't like the other branches where you could wait, like vultures, while watching tarts making their rounds in the oven. The visual actually helps to buildup the appetite for the noms.

To make up for the lack of that, their flagship 'fusion cafe' has taken over the place where there is usually a new F&B outlet that opens then closes after 6 months of failed success - the spot in front of T&CO coffee. Perhaps it is just a cursed spot.

Anyway, on to my "lunch" -  I decided to go with the first item on the spaghetti menu - Spaghetti with Hokkaido Scallops and Roe sauce! First impressions? My, how creamy and orange it looks. Then I was mesmerized by the bonito, dancing above the pile of scallops and spaghetti. 

I counted six scallops, and that made me a very happy camper.

My Cheese Tart, sadly, did not give me the same satisfaction. Or perhaps it was because I already had a creamy 500kcal nom. The crust cracked and crumbled to my touch as usual, but it wasn't fresh out of the oven, and there was no molten cheese that usually drips all over my fingers.

 As can be seen from the close-up, this is not the usual "Tokyo Secret" cheese tart. It is somewhat overbaked, or baked twice. What a bummer.


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