Fine dining is easily one of the most expensive type of restaurant one can go to. As the name suggests, everything has to be fine. You're paying for the finest food, atmosphere, and service for that rare special occasion being celebrated. Places like these are great for anniversaries, engagement proposals, and successful romancing!

For our case, my sister and I were there to celebrate life. It's good to do something out of the ordinary and be spoiled rotten once in a while. We really wanted to go to Sage @ The Gardens but that place is always fully booked. Who knew fancy eating places were so popular in KL?

Wine and Dine!
Very romantic and relaxing lighting
A cozy and lovely place for dinner.

Located at the Sapura Kenchana Petroleum building next to Solaris Dutamas, Millesime is an eatery where you eat what the chef chooses. This is great when you don't know half of the ingredients mentioned on the menu, which is something very common at these kind of places! The only decision that needs to be made is whether to have a 3, 4 or 5 course dinner, priced as below :

Petite Menu (3 Course) – RM200++
Menu Gourmet (4 Course) – RM220++
Menu Degustation (5 Course) – RM250++

Since we were already there, we opted for the 5 course menu because it made more sense to go all out and pay a bit more for everything. It was well worth the money because the food at Millesime was glorious and made for an unforgettable evening.

The visual cues prepared our tastebuds for a richness that could only spoil us. Every dish from Millesime's kitchen was a work of art, portions of food delicately arranged to be visually stimulating, with each swirl of dressing drawing focus onto the food being presented, beckoning to be savoured.

The visual sensory was the perfect precursor to the degustation of each course. The flavours were sensational. Slowly we nom'ed to our hearts content, and licked away every visible remnant of sauce, grain and granule off Millesime's very unique, massive & heavy plates, which I think contributed to each dish looking like fine art.

The Foie Gras was the best I've ever tasted and melted away in my mouth. The raspberry flavour and sweet sweet sauce that went with it was terrific and simply delicious. The whole affair left me wanting for more foie gras, no matter how cruel and wrong it is.

At the end of the day my sister said she was still hungry so the kitchen brought out leftover pastries for her. How lovely and thoughtful of them!

Overall, it was a nomgasmic evening. I will marry a chef one day, and have regular nomgasms without burning a hole in my pocket.

Complimentary bread & butter
Amuse Bouche or "Mouth Amuser" - which emphasizes bite sized, intensely flavoured offerings to showcase a chef's artistry, showmanship, and ideas in small bites (according to wikipedia).
Yellowfin tuna appetizer
I love prawns!
Complimentary mango popsicles, refreshing and fun
My choice of main course - wagyu beef
My sister's choice of main, which she really enjoyed
Chocolate Souffle, berrylicious fruits, and ice-cream. Yum!
It's not enough to make good dessert these days, they have to be be perfectly aligned too!
Compliments from the kitchen
Millesime's Foie Gras
Picture credits go to my sister. Visited in June 2012.


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