Located in the newly renovated corner of Mid Valley and looking rather posh, Bulgogi Brothers finally opened up in Mid Valley! Pets Wonderland has been moved to this corner as well, and one will find I Need House tucked away on the 4th floor, with no signage leading to that shop for obvious reasons.

I've been wanting to try Bulgogi Brothers ever since reading about them in the local newspaper - Beautiful Bulgogi. Touted as the top 2 South Korean dining chains in South Korea, their simple menu intensifies one's craving for BBQ Beef.
Bulgogi Brothers in Mid Valley
So the first thing noticeable about Bulgogi Brothers is the casual Korean interior. All furnitures have been imported from South Korea to give patrons an authentic Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ feel.
Korean Wallpaper.
Free tea of the day
I love how at Korean BBQ Restaurants, you only need to pick one or two BBQ dishes off the menu and you will be served a variety of refillable side dishes (Ban Chan). Picking out 6 different sidedishes is not easy for indecisive people and the good news is, korean restaurants happily do it for you!
Corn on the cob was fantastic! Easily the juiciest corn on the cob I've nommed
I am not a fan of corn on the cob because I hate digging corn out from between my teeth, but at Bulgogi Brothers, they were superbly juicy, sweet and worth digging out from between teeth. There were also green peas, yellow potato, and the usual mash potatoes, vegetables, Kim Chi (very crunchy and above average size), and other assortment of pickles.
The usual suspects
Raw carrots, Kim Chi and other greens.
Complimentary Korean Pumpkin Porridge soup
Bulgogi Brothers uses induction cooker which reduces the amount of heat when your meat is being cooked. There is still a fair amount of smoke which is when one will notice the lack of a cooker hood above the table.
Our final spread
Our waiter Kimi was camera shy, but I finally managed to get him to ignore me and continue cooking :-) It was also a relief to find out that there is no minimum order required at Bulgogi Brothers for them to fire up the induction cooker, unlike many other Malaysian Korean Restaurants, which can be overkill for a table of two nommers.
Leave it to the pros :)
The Seaoulsik Bulgogi did not look like an exact replica of what is shown on the menu (surprise surprise) but it was good none the less. Costing RM 52.90, the special bulgogi sauce of apple and pear was excellent. These fruity tenderizers made the beef sweet, saucy, and nomworthy! My only complaint is that I could have nom'ed it all of it by myself which is what I might do the next time! The quality of the beef was excellent, as was the service. Newly opened restaurants are usually that way though.
Seoulsik Bulgogi - picked because it looked like the healthiest option!
Since Bulgogi Brothers were offering free noodles, we decided to redeem the offer. Janchi Guksu - wheat flour noodles in vegetable broth, eaten traditionally on special occasions like wedding feasts and birthday parties.
The free Janchi Guksu noodles deal floating around facebook (RM 17.90) - Noodles enough for two, but overpriced.
We scooped the noodles up from the vegetable soup base and ate it with the delicious bulgogi juices leftover from the Seoulsik Bulgogi instead.
Delicious beef juices leftover in the pot
Finally, we were given plum juice to wash all that food down :-)
Complimentary Plum Juice
Be prepared to overnom at Bulgogi Brothers as I did, and walk away with a big contented smile. I was also delighted to receive a free Pinch of Salt loyalty card. I will definitely be coming back here when I'm in Mid Valley the next time.

Website : Bulgogi Brothers
Visited on the 23rd of February, 2013.


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We do lunch sets once in while; you have done justice to the food there. Do check comments on the insects post.

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