A quick visit to Aunty Nat at Midvalley, and the reason why throats are going to burn tomorrow.

Fish Mango Kerabu (RM 6).

The mango slices were chunky and thick. Fruity salads are always refreshing in salads because green leafy vegetables are dry & usually tasteless with a dull crunch. Fruits on the other hand, are natural sweeteners that add on flavour and texture to salads. Dressing for this kerabu is a sweet and sour plum sauce that went very well with the [fried] fish fillets. It's hard to pull off fried stuff with salads because the fried stuff becomes soggy quickly but this fish mango kerabu salad was pretty okay!

Petai with Belacan Prawns (RM 18).

Gosh ... I haven't had this much [fried] belacan (shrimp paste) in ages! The table beside me had ordered the petai belacan sotong and I knew from the vibrant green colours of their petai (and the fragrant belacan scent) that I had to have it too. Kiasuness meant I had a delicious dish of [fried] prawns, belacan and petai!

Fried Popiah (RM 6).

They were out of 'Top Hat' so I had no choice but to go with this rather bland and soggy plate of [fried] popiah. I'd give this a miss the next time.

Fried tofu salad (RM 6).

I have reached the limit of [fried] food stuff ... The other table had a dish of very attractive, light maroon coloured, blushing spicy red, half a dozen deep fried mid sized chicken drummets, which I ended up coveting but did not order. Maybe next time!

Ginger Lemon tea to sooth inflamed throats

Aunty Nat in Midvalley is located on the first floor, opposite CIMB bank, between Midvalley and The Gardens.


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