Miraku is a lesser known Japanese Restaurant that has been opened for a year in Paradigm Mall, Kalana Jaya. The waiter told me that they've never really promoted their restaurant before and that business had been really slow. Well, Paradigm mall wasn't that easy for me to get to (having to pass through 2 tolls). So the lack of business from me is understandable!

This nomout at Miraku Japanese Restaurant was to take advantage of the RM 28 for RM 50 voucher deal as seen on Groupon. I learnt that deal sites gets 50% commission of whatever is sold through Groupon. In which case, restaurants should just slash their prices and pass on the discount to customers directly. It makes more sense that way, doesn't it? Perhaps one needs to leverage Groupon or LivingSocial or whatever for the marketing platform it provides. But really, for customers, we just see it as cheaper noms compared to having to pay the full price. Like, who wouldn't want that?

For this case, RM 28 for RM 50 means the restaurant is really only getting RM 14 for each deal bought on Groupon. Which got me thinking, if there was a free platform popular enough among netizens for restaurants to slash prices and offer deals directly to customers, would it actaully take off?

Anyway, Miraku is pretty decent in my opinion. Though without the deal discount, it would be on the pricier spectrum of Japanese noms.

Free appetizer consisting of salted radish, carrots, and stewed chicken.

Sake sashimi (RM 26 - RM 15 with deal).

Six gorgeous thick slices of salmon that have travelled from the oceans of Chile.

Yes! By far the most generous serving of salmon I've had - 3 inches in length! I have long fingers, and really appreciate the extra protein and Omega-3 fatty oils

Saikoro Steak - Grilled Beef in Cube Cut Style (RM 24 - RM 14 with deal).

Local beef, grilled to perfection in japanese soy sauce. I use this overused cliche - 'grilled to perfection' because I couldn't think of any other way of describing it. Juicy, tender and so savoury with the sticky garlic flakes with each cube-sized bite. Waiter, can I please have more? The portion was barely enough for me.

Yaki Yaki - Grilled Oysters with Mayonaise (RM 26 - RM 15 with deal).

What a sight to behold! 2 large oysters burried in golden yellow mayo. I could smell the oysters when they were grilling it which heightened my anticipation for this dish.

Not a fan of the mayo (too salty), but loved the oysters!

And the dessert that got me here :) Wasabi ice-cream (RM 10 - RM 5.6 with deal).

It was torture, and pleasure, and then torture, and pleasure ... you get the drift. Very interesting and unconventional mix of vanilla, cream, wasabi and green peas. A quarter of this serving was more than enough for a good round of brain buzzing!

I <3 a nice cuppa green tea.

What can I say, with this deal, it was trully worth it.


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