I had a burger today. I believe I was social media'ed into having one. After seeing promotional posts of myBurgerLab's new branch opening in OUG, and countless beautiful, juicy, sauce dripping burger pictures in my newsfeed (thanks to burger loving FB friends), I ended up joining an insanely long queue (60 minutes) in the humid weather in my 3.5" heels to get my burger fix at a discounted price.

Fairly easy to locate the shop. Just look for the queue ...

A number was given out on myBurgerLab's Stress Testing day since only 250 burgers will be served, and a menu of what's available.

The queue behind me

Love the creative menu display in periodic table form!

MyBurgerLab will try to accommodate any custom burger requests - for me, anything to do with beef has to be medium-rare.

Basic decor and no frills with the table and chairs, making the open assembly lab its main feature.

It was refreshing to watch the lab techs in action. As you can see, they're a bunch of happy, fun loving college kids rather than sour faced migrant workers who just want to close shop and call it a day.

Hard at work. Or hardly working? :D

There is an LCD counter so that you know when your burger is ready for collection at the assembly line. Gives order to what would be a chaotic environment full of hungry people.

They were out of Portabella fries (RM 15), so I settled for fries (RM 4 for small). I was pleasantly surprised by the rosemary seasoned french fries. Tasted great!

My A+ Burger - RM 7.50 (Normal price RM 15).

The legendary charcoal bun lived up to its reputation. Fragrant & fresh! Not too firm and not too soft. I requested my patty to be medium-rare and thoroughly enjoyed the good juicy meaty nom.

The single patty could have been wider to match the bun's diameter, so a patty add-on is compulsory the next time. Unfortunately that would push the price over RM 20 which is what I wouldn't pay for a burger especially if I have to wait more than 60 minutes for it.

It's relatively easy to compare the A+ to other burgers because it is made of the traditional beef patty and melted cheddar cheese. Although not a big fan of burgers, I have to say - the patty was fantastic. Overall, this burger tasted superior to the other traditional burgers I've had before.

Blushing red patty because I requested mine medium rare. The long queue makes me suspicious that myBurgerLab's patty is laced with crack.

The Good : Great place for burger cravings and exellent beef patties with customizable requests.

The Bad : The lab needs to find a solution for the long queue because burgers are supposed to be a fast, convenient, and hassle free nom.

This queue would put anyone off and honestly, getting the ingredients from a grocery store would be faster to cook and assemble in your own kitchen than the time I had to wait for this burger. So unless you know the owner, or can bribe someone in front of the queue to put in your order, or have plenty of time to spare ... then you'd feel what I felt.

Slightly over an hour for this burger was just too fracking long.

It's true that some people get really cranky when they're hungry. I am one of them.

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-L the persistent said...

Its amazing to see someone use "fracking" so long after Battlestar Galactica! You nerd :P
And yes, I totaly agree that 60 minutes does not equal "fast food". So yeah.

About beef rare... well apparently its been found that ground meat rare is not a great idea unless one makes it fresh and consumes it soon.

But lovely read, and very nice photos!

ow said...

Over-rated and overpriced. Guess blog sites really upped the ante for this joint.

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