The best meals are home made and have no more than 10 ingredients in them. It might not be as convenient as buying food from the shop, but the portions, quality of ingredients are handpicked, cleaned, sliced and diced with love care. Plus it just tastes better unless you're going up against a restaurant serving up a 10 course meal.

Today we're using Kanokwan from Thailand! It is not so spicy to me, but consider yourself warned on the spiciness level.
Ingredients :
(1) Coconut Milk
(2) Tomatoes
(3) Onions
(4) Coriander
(5) Thai Basil
(6) Brinjal
(7) Chicken
(8) Kaffir Lime Leaves
(9) Potatoes
(10) Green Curry Paste
Thai Basil - what an amazing herb.

Heat up the pan and saute the onions in a little bit of olive oil. Pour in coconut milk, mix in the green curry paste and bring to boil. Add potatoes (which have been pre microwaved for 5 minutes), chicken, and why not everything else too! (thai basil, brinjal, kaffir lime leaves, tomatoes). Add little bit of water and bring to boil. Cook until vegetables are soft and chicken is cooked.

Tada! Green Curry with lots of chicken, brinjals and potatoes in less than 30 minutes

I always make the mistake of adding too many brinjal and chicken, resulting in a pan that is almost overflowing... but no regrets there! And the only thing better than green chicken curry, is green chicken curry with black rice.



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