I've recently been feeling like this :

In the above snipplet, Lydia screams into a pillow while in a conference call after a stressful encounter with the DEA.

I <3 TV.

In other news, Nestle's Green Tea Kit Kat is now available in Malaysia!

This is not a sponsored post. I just really really love this bite sized snack. It is :
  • Creamy and milky leaving residual traces on your finger for the final few licks
  • Crunchy thin wafer that does not resist being nom'ed
  • Green!
  • Sweet to achieve that mild sugar rush
  • 67 calories only
  • Perfect for a 30 seconds break!

Green and shiny packaging

The green in green tea


Where To Buy : Shojikoya, Mid Valley The Gardens (the one beside Hokkaido Ichiba). Coldstorage in The Gardens also has it for a few cents cheaper (RM 22.60). Village Grocer wins with this priced at RM 17.90!


LT said...

Beautifully written with tongue slightly in cheek :) ! As usual.

Check email and reply, please.

Anonymous said...

nice video you got there, love beaking bad too, u have som' christal meth yo??? gimme sum..

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